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Whether you are a student or a professional, a home-maker or a businessman, your English communication skill needs to be perfect.

Personalized Curriculum

Proven approach to education requires pre-made custom curriculum. Bring Real Life Into Learning With Better World Educational Resources.

Experienced Trainer

Learn from experienced trainer who has knowledge and understanding of many teaching and development methodologies, training cycles and learning activities.

Correct Pronunciation

English Language Speech help you to improve your English pronunciation. Speaking will help you to correctly pronounce common English words and phrases using voice recognition technology.

Improve Accuracy in Grammar

Everyone is aware of Grammatical Accuracy, but there are only a few who know about the Grammatical rules, syntax and the ability to use correct and precise grammar .

Communication Skills

Communication skills are needed to speak appropriately with a wide variety of people whilst maintaining good eye contact, demonstrate a varied vocabulary and tailor your language to your audience

Refines & development reading skill

As reading is the process of developing one’s knowledge, it can be beneficial when preparing for speaking correct English.

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One of the best online courses I have ever come across for online learning of English language. It is practical, well-structured and well researched about student’s behavior. Other than keeping warm relationship of Instructor with students, it also gives enough opportunities to interact with other fellow students. I would definitely recommend this spoken English class to those aspirants who are looking for taking a better grip on English speaking skill sitting at home or even office with their own flexible time.

Komal Priya

I am extremely impressed and delighted with the Spoken English Class. The trainer was highly competent in keeping the course outcomes clear and also engaging the students throughout the sessions. I’m fully satisfied with this online course because daily conversations, different tasks, and grammar practice with mentors helped me a lot .Different mentors teach us from basic, so it helps me a lot to improve my speaking skill and overcome my public speaking phobia.

Ritinsu Pathak

60 Days to Better English Free Video Course

This Spoken English Learned Quickly course was written for university and professional students. It introduces the new Feedback Training Method which–for each hour of study–results in almost twice the fluency

Spoken English – A Self Learning Guide To Conversation Practice

It is not always true that one who can write and read English confidently and effortlessly can speak it fluently too”

With questions and answer sections throughout, this video helps you to improve your written and spoken English through understanding the structure of the English language. This is a thorough and useful video with all parts of speech and grammar explained.

Rapidex English Speaking Course Demo Video
Rapidex English Speaking Course Demo Video

Rapidex English Speaking Course Demo Video

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A complete English communications course - grammar, vocabulary, speaking, writing, and listening activities..

The Rapidex Spoken English comes with a 100% guarantee for your satisfaction. You have studied English for years, yet you still don’t speak English well. You’ve tried many methods and you still make grammar mistakes, you still can’t speak English fluently, and you still can’t pronounce English words correctly. You can read English, but you feel too nervous or too shy to speak English. The good news is, this is very normal. You have simply used ineffective methods to learn to speak English. Our many students has been in your situation before, but now he can speak English like a native, and he accomplished that in sixty days. In this course, We are going to teach you how to completely get rid of your accent and develop an American or British accent to speak English just like a native speaker, and he’ll teach you how to accomplish that in just sixty days. In this book, you’ll: *learn to speak like a native in sixty days or less*learn to do that on a busy schedule*learn to speak English without translating it first*learn grammar without memorizing grammar rules*learn to build a vocabulary that lasts*learn to pronounce English words like native American or native British*learn to speak English fluently, correctly, naturally, effectively, effortlessly*and more… to speak English like a native speaker. You have studied English for years, yet you still can’t speak English well. The reason is simply: The methods you used were ineffective. Change your approach now. Learn from the success who has walked in your shoes before and is getting the result you want. Effortlessly follow the step-by-step instructions in the course to achieve the highest level of fluency to help you speak English like a native speaker.

Try Your First Online Class With A Teacher

Fluency is one of the most important speaking skills if you want to use English. Learn useful tips and techniques to improve your fluency in English lesson.

We have the best Teachers

Perfectly Spoken teachers have more than 10 years of classroom teaching experience each. All teachers are highly qualified and they are specialists in English. Create your Account and discover how they can help you in your spoken English Journey.

With expert teachers and structured video courses

  • 6 levels: Elementary to Proficiency
  • General English, Grammar, Exam Preparation, Business
  • Learning materials, tests & practice activities
  • Open Classes (group class with expert teacher)
  • Combine self-learning with Live & Interactive practice at your level
  • Speaking Practice Groups, Open Classes and Masterclasses

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The Best Proven Way to Learn and Speak English and practical English using real conversations. Stop Using Ineffective Ways to Learn and Speak English. When you are using proper methods to learn, you’ll find that improving English is effortless. Learn and adopt these Proven techniques, tips, and many more secrets revealed in this course.

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